Temperature Datalogger with Display
Temperature Datalogger with Display Our Temperature Digital Display Loggers will most likely tell you everything you need to know without downloading the data. With the large digital display (viewable from 25 ft) and keypad you'll know the current readings, at the touch of a button you will see what the minimum and maximum readings have been. Other features include High/Low Alarm, high speed USB connectivity and one-step data transfer using removable SD Flash memory cards. When you do choose to download the data, our user friendly software creates a graph of your data in seconds. The software features include complete customization of your graph, zooming, and viewing your data in tabular format. You can also view data from several loggers on a single graph enabling easy comparison of multiple sets of data. Transferring the data into documents or spreadsheets is simple! On models 357-636 and 357-641, a K type thermocouple with miniature connector can be used for applications requiring remote sensing.

  • Internal Temperature Range: -4F to +158F
  • Internal Temperature Sensor: Thermistor
  • Temperature Accuracy (Logger Only): 1.8F
  • External Temperature Range: (357-636 & 357-641 only), Type K Probe: -300 to +480F (but other sensors can be purchased which increase the maximum temperature to 2000F)
  • External Temperature Sensor: (357-636 & 357-641 only), 36 PFA coated K-thermocouple bead wire probe with mini-connector although can be used with any Type K thermocouple in this catalog with a miniature connector
  • External Temperature Accuracy: (357-636 & 357-641 only),1.8F (logger only), 5F or better (probe)
  • F or C Display (user selectable)
  • Data Capacity: 32000 sample points
  • Sample Interval: Records data in configurable 1 second to 24 hour intervals, in 1 or 10 second increments
  • Download: USB, Serial or Memory Card
  • Display Resolution: 0.1 resolution to 999.9; 1 resolution above 1000
  • Power Source: 4 AA alkaline batteries or Universal AC adaptor (not included)
  • Software: Compatible with Windows98 and upwards
  • Memory: Non-volatile (retains data even when batteries are removed)
  • Ambient Operating Temperature: -4F to +158F
  • Display: LCD, 4 Digit
  • Dimensions: 4.0 x 3.0 x 1.6 (H x W x D)
  • Enclosure: Polycarbonate
The following types are available:

Temperature Datalogger with Display

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