Autoclave Load Thermocouple
Autoclave Load Thermocouple The harsh conditions found in the autoclave chambers of sterilizers requires a reliable sensor as all too often sensors can fail through ingress of moisture. Our Autoclave Load probe offers a reliable solution to the problem. Supplied as a simplex or duplex sensor, it incorporates one or two. A Pt100 version is also available in this catalog.

  • Thermocouple type T, Simplex or Duplex
  • Sensor tip: 0.250 OD x 10 long Stainless Steel
  • Conduit: 60 long Stainless Steel
  • Bulkhead feed through tube: 0.250 OD x 6 long stainless steel
  • Lead Wire: 120 long PFA insulated with silicon sheath
  • Operating range: -58F to +392F (-50C to +200C)
The following types are available:

Autoclave Load Thermocouple
Order Code Description
202-115 Type T Simplex Autoclave Load Probe
202-110 Type T Duplex Autoclave Load Probe

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