100 ohm Stator Slot RTD Sensor
100 ohm Stator Slot RTD Sensor These laminated fiberglass stator slot winding RTDs fit in slots between stator windings to monitor temperature rise and prevent overheating. The sensing element extends throughout most of the body length which provides an average temperature reading. By making a reading over a larger area, hot spots can be easily detected, which more standard sensors may miss. They can also be used in a number of other applications where an average temperature is required to be measured. We can also make these sensors to suit your particular dimensional requirements.

  • 4 wire configuration (can also be used as a three wire device)
  • 100 ohm RTD element, Alpha = 0.00385, Class B
  • Sheath material: Fiberglass
  • Sheath dimensions: 12 long x 0.394 wide x 0.10 thick or 10 long x 0.315 wide x 0.10 thick
  • Operating range: up to 300F continuous, 360F short term
  • Extension leads: 180 of PFA leads. 4 wire - 2 colored red and 2 colored white (for use as a 3 wire device, connect up 2 red and 1 white wires)
  • We can make to your requirements (may be subject to minimum quantity)
The following types are available:

100 ohm Stator Slot Sensor
Order Code Description
315-300 12" long x 0.394" wide x 0.10" thick
315-302 10" long x 0.315" wide x 0.10" thick

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