Heat Transfer Compound
Heat Transfer Compound These compounds provide a good solution for applications where increased response time is required from applications where a thermowell is used. When applied to the sensing tip of a sensor prior to inserting into a thermowell, response times dependent upon application are substantially improved. Our Standard compound (0.9W/mK thermal conductivity) is available in a 1.18fl.oz syringe, while our Plus compound, which has superior thermal conductivity (2.9W/mK) to other compounds is provided in a 1.69fl.oz tube.

  • Ideal for improving response times for thermowells
  • Operating range: -58F to +390F (-50C to +200C)
  • Thermal conductivity: Standard - 0.9W/mK, Plus - 2.9W/mK
  • Size: Standard 1.18 fluid ozs, Plus 1.69 fluid ozs
The following types are available:

Heat Transfer Compound
Order Code Description
784-100 Standard Heat Transfer Compound - 1.18 fl ozs (265F)
784-150 Plus Heat Transfer Compound - 1.69 fl ozs (390F)

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